Ossssssur story

Janus Italia was established in 2001 with the purpose to give rise to a new product aiming at exploiting the transparency characteristics of crystalline marbles.
After research and testing, a slab-like element was patented and produced, made up of a neutral support, joined and glued to a thin layer of crystalline marble, having a thickness of 3 mm and with particular pigments inserted between the two materials. This allows the light to get inside the marble and, after incidence on those specific pigments, to be refracted and smoothly appear on the surface of the marble itself, softly spreading colour. It was the debut of a collection of floor and wall coverings with the "look" and appearance of ceramics, yet valorised by the vibrant depth of natural marble.

In 2003 a new product was introduced, with glass substituting the original neutral support. The depth of the visual impact became surprising, due to the chromatic qualities and boundless possibilities of expression in design. Furniture-doors and kitchen-hoods were created, with the marble-glass panel illuminated from behind, so getting catching and astonishing results. These new products were exhibited at the Milan Furniture Salon in 2004 and the original and exclusive material, called "Jastone", immediately received general acceptance and great consensus by businessmen in the sector.

Thus, it was decided to begin producing lamps and furnishing accessories made exclusively with this new technology, whose peculiar and innovative characteristic is the light that passes through the crystals and veins of the marble. After two years of working with tests, trial products and prototypes and after registering two more fundamental patents in 2006, the actual production finally began.

Lorenzo Fedrigoli, Architect

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